The Mystery of the Marsh Malaise

Wonky Inn, Book Five

Water, water everywhere … but not a drop to drink. 

Alfhild Daemonne’s beloved Speckled Wood is dying. 

When several Whittlecombe locals are taken seriously ill, she discovers that the water in and around the village has been poisoned. 

The wonky inn owner knows full well her bitter arch-rivals The Mori are out to do serious harm to her reputation, her business, and the land she cherishes – and yet she’s the one being scapegoated. 

Once again, the villagers have placed the blame firmly at poor Alf’s door. 

Meanwhile, the ancient and magickal Keeper of the Marsh, an ancient tree named Vance, is furious with her. 

She’s going to have to mollify him. 

And that won’t be easy. 

Is Alf up to fighting The Mori alone? Can she gather the right experts who will help her in the battle to clear her name? 

And will she be able to appease Vance and therefore cleanse the springs and marshes around the village? 

Find out in this action-packed instalment of the wonky inn series, full to bursting with the ghosts, witches, wizards, warlocks and weirdness you’ve come to adore. 

Clean and cozy with subtle hints of darkness. 

What Reviewers are Saying

"Jeannie Wycherley left Book 4 with a cliffhanger but Book 5 was totally worth the wait."
Goodreads Reviewer
"Wow, you need a scorecard to keep up with all the activity in this book! The action never stops!"
Amazon Reviewer
"A sweetly sexy, fun, witty and engaging mystery filled with danger, excitement, adventure and action packed twits and turns that keep your heart pounding and wondering what will happen next...."
Goodreads Reviewer

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