The Ghosts of Wonky Inn

Wonky Inn, Book Two

Alf has tried to banish her demons. 

And her ghosts. 

But memories of her recent past linger and keep her awake. 

Every night it’s the same. Insomnia. 

When she does eventually drift off, she’s woken almost immediately by a sobbing spirit. 

He says he’s lost. 

And worse than that, someone is trying to kill him. 

Who is this sad specimen of a spirit? And where does he belong? 

And how do you kill someone … who is already dead? 

Find out what Alf gets up to next as the Wonky Inn adventures continue. 

Read The Ghosts of Wonky Inn today.

What Reviewers are Saying

"I love this series! The books are great fun and filled with lovable and quirky characters."
Goodreads Reviewer
"This book is filled with lots of humorous situations, lovable and quirky characters, and a mystery with a twist."
Amazon Reviewer
"Love it. Love it. Want more now!!!!!"
Goodreads Reviewer

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