Fearful Fortunes and Terrible Tarot

Wonky Inn, Book Four

There’s a psychic fayre heading to Whittlecombe. 

Alf, the witch, didn’t see it coming … perhaps she should have done. 

Whittle Inn is up and running and gaining in popularity. Proud owner Alfhild Daemonne can afford to relax, can’t she? 
Apparently not. 

When her neighbouring inn decides to host the south west region’s largest ever Psychic and Holistic Convention, you’d think that would allow Alf the opportunity to make lots of new friends. Think of it! Dozens and dozens of fortune tellers, mediums, diviners, psychics, rune-tellers, witch doctors, and even a voodoo priestess from New Orleans – all gathered together in one big field. 

Not so. 

Alf is banned from attending the Fayre and looks set to miss out – until Wizard Shadowmender sends her on an undercover operation that is. 

In the meantime, someone is sending Alf death threats and many of her friends in the village of Whittlecombe are subject to fearful fortune tellings and terrible tarot readings at the Fayre. 

It appears that dark forces are gathering in Whittlecombe. 

Will Alf make it to her 31st birthday? 

And just who is it that wishes her harm? 

Find out when you read Wonky Inn Book 4 today. 

What Reviewers are Saying

"I get more attached to all of these wonderful characters with each new book in the series!"
Goodreads Reviewer
"Wow, you need a scorecard to keep up with all the activity in this book! The action never stops!"
Amazon Reviewer
"I was so happy to return to the Wonky Inn for yet another adventure."
Goodreads Reviewer

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